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Prague Photo Tours

Outstanding Photography Tour

Did an evening photography tour with Martin which was fabulous. Martin knows his city really well and took me to great locations to get landmark shots and also some locations off the beaten track as well. He is also technically very proficient with good setting suggestions. He was also helpful in sharing other locations that we didn’t get to.
One of the best photo tours that I’ve been on, I highly recommend a tour with Martin.

Frances W., USA
Excellent Tour

I was in Prague for the first time last week and was interested in a photo tour. I checked out a number of photo tours on tripadvisor, and liked Martin’s photos best. I had an evening and morning photo walking tour with Martin. He has strong knowledge in the technical aspects of photography, as well as the ability to express it as an art, and the importance of light. He led me to great photo locations that are not well known, and showed me the best settings to use on my camera to get the best results. He also showed me advanced techniques (at least for me) involving long shutters with ND filters with water and lights. The results are surreal and made me wonder what was real and what was not real. He also patiently answered my questions about photography techniques and as an art.
I highly recommend Martin’s photo tour for photography enthusiasts who are going to Prague.

Lee Q., China
Best way to see and photograph Prague

I’ve been on a few photo tours in various cities around the world and Martin’s was the most informative, most fun and most enjoyable. He gave a bunch of excellent tips and advice, showed me some of Prague’s best photographic locations and has a relaxed style that will put you at ease and ensure you have a good time. Regardless of the type of Photographer you are, I have no doubt you’ll enjoy the tour with Martin. My only regret is I didn’t book another tour with him while I was there!

Deniz D., Canada
Awesome photography tour

I have booked the evening tour with Martin including a 2 hour post processing workshop after. Martin is a very friendly guy and it was pleasure talking with him between the time not taking pictures and walking to an another location about traveling and photography. Martin also took my to many fancy photo locations to take awesomes photos from Prague and also gave me a lot of tips how to compose my pictures better or how he would take the picture. I’m very happy and satisfied with my pictures I took in Prague with him. After the photography tour Martin showed me how he is post processing his pictures which also was very helpful for me to see how his workflow is and how he is giving his pictures a special touch. I enjoyd my tour with Martin very much and can highly recommend him to everyone who is interested in photography and taking awesome pictures from Prague.

Juergen Wolf, Germany
Awesome & Enjoyable Photography Tour experience with Martin Bišof

We went with Martin on the Sunrise Photography Tour and he brought us to Charles Bridge where he taught us how to shoot sunrise. He also brought us to various places and taught us how to frame photos. We got lots of beautiful pictures. We would really want to thank him for teaching us how to do long exposure & the use of filter. He explained to us patiently. The photos he took and shared with us was breathtaking.

Martin was very responsive to our email regarding the tour and enquiries, he even told us which tram to take and station to get off. He also share informations/photos to how to get to places we wanted to visit and also introduced some local dishes. Martin is a very friendly, helpful and experienced coach and we hope to join his photography tour again.

Su Yen, Singapore
Great photography tour!

Booked a private evening and morning tour with Martin. I highly recommend using him to photograph the city as you will learn where to go. He is also very helpful and accommodating to help you get your best shot whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Bill Farr, USA
Private photography lesson combined with sight seeing!

I booked Martin for the sunset tour. It was just myself, however my non-photographer partner was able to join us to enjoy the walk at no additional charge.

We covered many view points and interesting monuments around Prague during our approx 3.5 hour tour.

Martin was patient, very knowledgeable and gave me heaps of tips to help improve my photography. It was great having Martin one on one to assist with settings and composition to get the best possible images and memories of this beautiful city.

I finished the tour much more knowledgeable than when I started and also we had a lovely evening walk through Prague.

If you have an interest in travel, photography and improving your skills, don’t miss this enjoyable tour.

Brett, Australia
Great photo tours

I took both the evening and morning tour. Both tours were great and I got some great picture’s I wouldn’t have gotten without Martin. I highly recommend Martin for your photography adventure in Prague. Martin is friendly and easy going and always ready to share his knowledge and help you with your photography.

Ingimundur, India
Amazing Photography Session!

Martin was a wonderful photographer and guide for our day in Prague! He was attentive and relaxed and made the session really fun too. Very talented photographer and deliver much more than we expected! Highly recommend hooking up with him in Prague or on any of his photography tours!

Joe H., USA
A Guide for Every Level of Photographer

Martin’s tour is a great way to focus on composing the city in unforgettable photos, without f-stops, ISO settings, camera modes and other technical details overwhelming the experience. Touring Prague with Martin is like exploring the city with a friend. He is laid back and personable, taking you to great locations in the city for photographs. He brings along his own camera, taking pictures with you as you go. He lets the tour be your experience — sharing advice on settings that he thinks might work in a given context, but without dictating any of this. He shows pictures he is taking along with you, providing great opportunities to discuss perspectives in composition, settings, and technology. I left my DSLR at home and was traveling with a decent point and shoot camera. But, Martin was quickly able to grasp it’s strengths and weaknesses and tailor his guidance to my equipment. He also had his professional gear with him — like tripods — that he was happy to share.

Martin is an expert photographer, who has led groups around the world on photo tours. He is a former C++ programmer, who is technically savvy and understands the technical aspects of photography and post processing — happy to geek out on these details, if you are interested. But, he is able to tailor his experience and knowledge to all levels of photographers.

I highly recommend a tour with Martin

Santosh, Malaysia
Great photo tour experience

I am highly recommending Martin to anyone who wants to have best photo tour with professional photographer. Martin is really patient guy, he is assisting you with every photo, that you will take as if he is doing it for himself. Also, he basically knows every good spot for shooting and even places that are not famous about it.

Ilian, Bulgaria
“Must Do” Photo Walk in Prague

Martin takes you to the most photogenic spots and provides expert tips to take incredible photos. Great for all levels Beginner to advanced.

Scruffy Man, USA
“Enjoyable portrait session with lovely photos”

My sister & I had an enjoyable morning with Martin on our last day in Prague, walking around Charles Bridge area while having our portraits taken. He brought us to photogenic places that we missed. He was also flexible and accommodating, giving us a few more photos when we suggested shortening our session.

Johore Bahru, Singapore
“Great photo sessions”

I took the morning and evening photo sessions and both were great. Martin is very knowledgeable about cameras and set ups. He picks exceptional sites and has really done prep work to know the good times with the sun to get the best shots. I highly recommend this photography tour.

Roger, USA
“Outstanding Photo Tour”

Went on two separate photo tours with Martin while in Prague. One was at dawn and one was the evening tour. Before I arrived in Prague, he helped me bring the right gear and he met me right at my hotel. He took me to the best places to get the key shots. Although I consider myself an experienced photographer, he gave me a number of welcome tips and suggestions that I will carry forward.

Martin is a good guy to hang out with during the tour and I enjoyed my time very much. If you are serious about travel photography, you will be glad you set up a tour with Martin.

Peter Bloch, USA
Helped me get the most out of a beautiful city

Due to a schedule conflict Johnny wasn’t in Prague during our visit. However, he kindly arranged for Martin to take me on the photo walk. Both Johnny and Martin were very helpful in preparing for the trip. They took care to check what equipment I was planning to bring and to recommend various elements of the walk depending on my particular interests. Martin was an excellent guide, offering advice (and even loaning me a lens on a couple of occasions) and suggestions for optimal locations and settings. For me this was a special experience since I don’t often get the opportunity to spend time with other photographers, and when I do there is sometimes an undercurrent of competition. Not so with Martin. He is a true pro and and a nice guy as well!

Dave H., Quatar
Well worth doing

I booked an evening tour, on my own as my husband isn’t into photography. Martin was friendly and helpful, and insisted on carrying my tripod for the whole evening which I greatly appreciated as the whole thing is on foot and involves quite a lot of walking. We got to some excellent and varied locations, and had less obvious subjects pointed out. Both of us on the tour had done quite a bit of photography before, but we both benefited from Martin’s help and suggestions. We did some neutral density filter work, and long exposures. I was particularly impressed, having booked, to get an e-mail asking what equipment I was bringing, did I have any special aims, and did I have a flickr account or similar so he could have a look and perhaps make suggestions on how to improve. That typified the very genuine interest in helping the client with their photographic technique. If we go to Prague again, and I expect we will, I would definitely book the dawn tour.

Elizabeth P., United Kingdom
Wonderful Photo Walk!

I had the great pleasure of working with Martin Bišof during our recent family vacation in Prague. We had a terrific evening, and I came home with some spectacular images that I just wouldn’t have been able to get on my own.

Martin was a delight to work with! Friendly, attentive and focused on ensuring that I got just the right image. My camera club back home is amazed at some of the images I was able to capture.

If your journeys take you to Prague, I would highly recommend that you make time for this Prague photo tour. Why not come back with some spectacular images to remember your trip?

Keith D.
“Excellent and highly enjoyable experience”

I went on a sunrise tour with Martin. It was only myself and one other on the tour. Martin was very friendly and helpful and took us to a variety of locations. He showed me which settings to use on my camera and I especially appreciated his advice on composition. He looked at my shots immediately and gave me tips. Martin even sent me a photo of myself post tour. I highly recommend this tour, it was one my highlights of a 3 week Europe trip!

Susan K, Australia

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